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EMMA and ENPA welcome the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal dismissing Google’s claims and forcing it to negotiate with press publishers

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Yesterday, the Paris Court of Appeal rejected Google’s request for annulation of the decision held last April by the French Competition Authority.

In this decision, the French Competition Authority deemed that Google’s practices pressuring publishers to renounce to their legal rights were susceptible to constitute an case of abuse of dominant position, urging Google to conduct negotiations with press publishers and news agencies for the use of press content.

Following an appeal of this decision by Google, the Paris Court of Appeal confirmed that the display of press content brings to Google an economic interest as it generates advertising revenues as well as attractiveness to its search engine.

Jean-Pierre de Kerraoul, President of ENPA said: “While other Member States are implementing article 15 of the Copyright Directive, the decision of the Paris Court of Appeal forcing Google to negotiate in good faith sets the right precedent in the first Member State to date to have implemented a publishers’ right.”

Xavier Bouckaert, President of EMMA said: “The Court confirms the Authority’s key decision dismissing Google’s refusal to remunerate publishers based on the flawed presumption that the value it brings to press publishers in displaying their contents is sufficient.”

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