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European Magazine Media Association, EMMA, Bouckaert, Roularta

Xavier Bouckaert is new President of European Magazine Media Association

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Bouckaert takes over from the former EMMA President Auke Visser

Xavier Bouckaert (© Roularta Media Group)

The Board of the European Magazine Media Association, EMMA, has nominated Xavier Bouckaert, CEO of Roularta Media Group (Belgium), as President of EMMA.

“EMMA’s mission is crucial for the future of a free, independent, diverse and vibrant press sector across Europe. I am looking forward to fully support EMMA’s mission and make the voice of over 15.000 magazine publishers represented by EMMA heard loud and clear on legislative files such as copyright, e-privacy, and VAT for the digital press”, said Xavier Bouckaert in reaction to his nomination.

Stephan Scherzer, Vice-President of EMMA and CEO of the German Magazine Media Association, VDZ, welcomed the appointment of Xavier Bouckaert: “It is an honor for EMMA to have Xavier Bouckaert as President. Xavier is a driver of change and innovation in his own media company and has a deep knowledge of European politics. He will be a strong advocate for the interest of magazine publishers in Brussels.”

Xavier Boukaert has been the Chairman of EMMA’s Corporate Advisory Group and an EMMA Board Member over the last 4 years.

He takes over from the former EMMA President Auke Visser. Auke is a former CEO of Sanoma Men’s Magazines in The Netherlands. He served as EMMA President for 3 years. The EMMA Board thanked Auke Visser for guiding EMMA successfully through organisational changes while maintaining the strong voice of Europe’s magazine publishers vis-à-vis the European Institutions.

“Like no one else Auke gave a strong entrepreneurial impulse to EMMA and raised the profile of Europe’s press publishers within the relevant legislative debates within the EU. We are grateful for his outstanding support for our sector over the last years” say EMMA Board Member Pascale Marie, CEO of SEPM (France).

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