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DISummit, AI, Future Of Work

Springwise report on AI and the future of work released at DIS

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On the first day of the Digital Innovators' Summit in Berlin Linda Ligios, Managing Editor of the Springwise innovation intelligence company, revealed the findings of a new innovation report into AI and the future of work.

Springwise report on AI and the future of work released at DIS

Download the report here.

A recent McKinsey report found that globally around half of the work people are paid to do could theoretically be automated using technology that already exists. Yet, as overall spending on technology grows, this will also create millions of new jobs in new areas of work such as climate adaptation. In a World Economic Forum survey of global Human Resource Departments, 44 per cent said that the principal driver of change in the workplace is new technologies which enable remote working, co-working space and teleconferencing.

One of the key focusses of artificial intelligence in business centres around a branch of AI known as Deep Learning. It is deep learning algorithms for example that allow some types of chatbots to ask and answer customers’ questions, cars to learn how to drive themselves, and companies like Facebook to develop sophisticated photo recognition software.

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