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DISummit: Cutting-edge topics – consider business models

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At the Digital Innovators’ Summit on March 19th to 20th, more than 50 innovators provide exclusive insight into new technologies for around 600 participants from more than 35 nations | first published in PRINT&more 1/2018

Digital media moves at an incredible pace. Innovations are changing our business fast every day. New platforms and business models are emerging all the time. Which trends are really important for tomorrow’s business? Sometimes it is hard keeping up with the speed of all the changes.

That’s why FIPP and VDZ’s Digital Innovators’ Summit (DIS), held in Berlin on 19-20 March, is a must for anyone in the B2C and B2B media industries. It is the place to hear about the future of media and technology directly from the innovators who are driving change. DIS brings together senior executives from media businesses, technology innovators and solution providers to share ideas, discuss emerging trends and showcase future products.

The conference attracts over 600 senior executives from over 35 countries with attendees including CEOs and other C-suite execs, Managing Directors, Heads of Online and Mobile, Publishers, Editors and Content Managers, Business Development Marketing and Sales. DIS presents speakers from around the world who are shaping tomorrow’s media like Jesper Doub (Spiegel Verlag) and Guido Bülow (Facebook) discussing publishers’ business models for a digital future on Facebook, Matthew Monahan (Washington Post), who will speak about how technology drives growth at ‘The Washington Post’ or Luca Forlin (Google Play Newsstand) speaking about storytelling on voiceactivated devices. The programme will provide you with perspectives from those devising trendsetting strategies to those making it happen day in and out. It includes stand-alone presentations, panel discussions and in-depth workshops across three stages. Crucially too, there are plenty of opportunities for you to ask your own questions and you have the opportunity to share experiences and create lasting business relationships.

In our expo area you will find innovative companies who may just offer precisely the solution your business needs. Last but not least: Enjoy the exciting city of Berlin! 

// text first published in PRINT&more 1/2018: 

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